Karen Lang /// “On the Threshold of Form: Philip Guston’s Paw, 1968”

Locandina 2015 - 5. LANG

This seminar will explore the American artist Philip Guston’s Paw, 1968, and his artistic practice, in relation to the space of art’s appearance. More specifically, I will argue that this small painting hovers on the threshold of form and that it opens the space of art. This view of Guston’s practice contrasts with the customary ‘reading’ of the artwork through the style categories of ‘abstraction’ and ‘figuration’; it also differs from the understanding of his painting circa 1970 as a turn from ‘abstraction’ to ‘figuration’. Rather than the end of one style of painting and the beginning of another, Guston’s artistic practice is underpinned by the aim of art: to initiate the space of art’s appearance is, in this view, the endeavour of painting. In this sense, painting can be understood as a continuity in spite of its appearances of coming to a (dead) end.

Reader con testi di Philip Guston, Walter Benjamin, Barnett Newman, Roland Barthes, Theodor Adorno, Craig Owens.

Pagina personale di Karen Lang presso la University of Warwick.

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