Piotr Kubiński /// “Interfaces of Illusions. From Immersion to Emersion in Digital Environments”



Video games are very frequently created in order to provide the player with the feeling of non-mediated participation in digital storyworld. Being immersed in the computer fiction is considered to be one of the most desired effects a game could provide. This absolutization of immersion determines the way digital games are both perceived and designed. However at the same time some video game developers explore the limitations of the medium and exceed the immersive paradigm. As a result they fill their games with emersive factors, that is with elements which reduce or even preclude the sensation of immersion, but reward the player with other kinds of joy.

Piotr Kubiński, “Immersion vs. Emersive Effects in Videogames”, in Engaging with Videogames: Play, Theory and Practice (ed. by D. Stobbart, M. Evans), Inter-disciplinary Press, Oxford, 2014, pp. 133-141.

schermata-2016-11-14-alle-16-34-42 Dr. Piotr Kubiński is an experienced researcher and academic teacher in the field of comparative studies, narratology, game studies, and media studies. During his PhD studies at the University of Warsaw he took part in national and international grant projects dedicated to digital forms of textuality and narration. At the same time he started participating in EU project dedicated to the problem of ageism; within this project dr. Kubiński investigates the way in which digital media may enforce or provoke ageism and how should they be designed to avoid it. Dr. Kubiński’s main area of expertise is game studies.

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