Pietro Montani /// “Tecno-estetica e ambienti digitali”


schermata-2016-12-07-alle-15-23-08In 1993, he has been appointed Full Professor of Aesthetics by the University of Rome “Sapienza”, where he teaches in the Faculty of Philosophy since. Throughout 1999-2003, he was member of the Faculty Staff of the Scuola Nazionale di Cinema – CSC (National School of Cinematography). Scientific Coordinator of the Italian Edition of S. M. Eisenstein “Opere scelte” (8 volumes, Marsilio 1981-2006). He is member of the Scientific Boards of “Rivista di Estetica” , “Carte semiotiche”, “Agalma”, “Plexus” and the on-line magazine “Images ré-vues”. He held lectures, courses and seminars at various Italian Universities and, as Directeur d’études associé, the EHESS (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales) in Paris. He coordinated the Scientific Boards of the following International Study Conferences: «Roman Jakobson: linguistica e poetica» (Roman Jakobson: Linguistics and Poetics), University of Rome «La Sapienza», 1986; «S. M. Ejzenštejn. Oltre il cinema: le figure, le forme, il senso dell’immagine» (S. M. Ejzenštejn. Beyond Cinema: Shapes, Forms, The Sense of the Image), La Biennale of Venice, 1990; «Le forme del pensiero attraverso le immagini – Aby Warburg: 1866-2001» (The Forms of Thought by Images – Aby Warburg: 1866-2001), University of Rome «La Sapienza», 2001; “Fiat Imago, pereat mundus”, University of Rome “La Sapienza”, 2010; “The possible Dwelling”, Ravello, Auditorium O. Niemeyer, 25-27 maggio 2013: “Interactive Imagination”, Istituto Svizzero di Roma, 2016.

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